domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013


Prashantinilayam,17th February 2013

Today the students of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School presented their Gratitude Program
The programme commenced at 1700 hrs. with Veda chanting by the Higher Secondary Wing. What followed next was a burst of rich tales of Bhagawan's love interspersed with melodious music, instrumental violin and songs.
The reminiscenses included an 'eventful' episode on 25th March 2011, the day that witnessed the 'Final Divine Darshan' of Baba..
The day was scheduled to host a gratitude programme by the higher secondary passing out batch of students, a drama presentation based on a story as narrated by Baba Himself long ago in Brindavan.
That evening, when Baba emerged quite late, granting Darshan, one of the students had the opportunity to narrate the story-line to Him.. Baba upon hearing the story-line, commented, "Drama Has To Be Done..." Little did the students realize then that the profundity of the words , as the story-line had a resemblance to 'the  Divine Drama', that being His last Darshan.
Grateful students then enacted the drama in essence, in the form of a skit, fulfilling the promise.  The presentation was the story of a young lad, whose relentless pursuit for a mantra, even after the guru sheds his mortal coil ahead of his promise wins him ultimate goal, salvation.
The young lad after pursuing the guru for over 12 long years, finally wins guru's benevolence, when he offers him to grant him a mantra for salvation. As ordered by the guru, when the boy returns after a dip in the holy Ganges ready to receive the mantra, to his utter disgust, he finds the guru missing. Upon further enquiry, he finds from a passer-by lady, a dancer, that the guru had shed his mortal coil leaving the mantra on the holy sands. The lady dancer notes down the mantra, erasing it from the sands, and the boy in his earnest pursuit, relentlessly pursue the lady, despite hardships and sufferings, for many years.
The scene now moves to the Kingdom where the King calls to find out the holiest of the persons in the Kingdom. As advised by the wise and holy, the King arranges a feast,  condition being when the holiest partakes the food, the temple bell should ring.
The day almost passes without any positive results and the King turns frustrated not before the temple bell rings, at the nick of time. An excited King sends his men out only to find this young lad, famished and tired, eating leftovers from a garbage. Having invited to the Kingdom now, the young man narrates his woeful tales to the King who in turn offers to help. Playing wise, the King calls for the lady dancer for a dance programme. Acting quite pleased at her performance, even as the King decides to offer her precious gifts, he 'finds' precious jewels in her ear-ring.
Even as the King 'acts' diplomatically, the greedy lady throws away the ear-rings that contains the precious 'Mantra Leaf'. Grabbing the opportunity even as the young lad opens the leaf to read the Mantra, he attains salvation, as Lord Krishna appears in front of him.
The presentation ended with a group song with the students burst into singing 'Love' for Baba.

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